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Double Glazing Lancashire

Energy bills are at an all time high and consumers are comparing tariffs, changing companies and ensuring that they are insulated. It is important that you don’t forget one of the key sources of heat loss in your home, your windows.

Cutting energy bills. All properties lose heat via their windows but energy efficient glazing can make a significant improvement in the levels of heat lost. Double glazing is a window with double or even triple panes of glass. The benefits of having double glazing are numerous. We understand that you want to reduce yours bills and by replacing all single glazed windows with double glazing can save approximately £165 per annum on your heating bills. Less draughts, fewer cold spots and more money in your pocket are all positives to consider when deciding whether to have your single glazed windows replaced or old glazing improved.

Protecting your home from noise. For anyone living in a built up or noisy area, having windows replaced by our double glazing Lancashire experts will not only reduce heat loss but dramatically reduce the amount of external noise that can be heard inside your home. Ideal if you live near a busy road.

Reducing your carbon footprint. As double glazing Lancashire professionals we are not only committed to installing beautiful and quality windows but also helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. By having new double glazed windows fitted you will be able to turn down your heating as the reduction in heat loss will mean that your heating system will work more effectively to warm your home at a lower temperature. This has a direct effect on the amount of fuel your home uses, generating less carbon dioxide which leads to global warming. Surprisingly, just one home with properly insulated windows can save around 680kg a year.

Getting rid of condensation:  Having our double glazing Lancashire professional fit your home with energy efficient glazing has the additional benefit of reducing the levels of condensation that are a common problem with single glazing. If you are tired of mopping up wet window sills then this might be something to think about.

How to know if your windows are energy efficient. Energy efficient windows come in a range of styles and frames. All double glazed windows have two sheets of glass which have a gap between them that serves as a barrier to keep heat in. Triple glazed windows have three sheets or glass and similar gaps however triple glazed isn’t necessarily more efficient than double glazed. Our doubled glazing Lancashire specialists suggest that when choosing the most energy efficient window that you look at the BRFC rating and for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo.

Windows, much like kitchen appliances, are rated according to how energy efficient they are. The BRFC is the UK’s national system for deciding how efficient each window is and rating them accordingly. You can find more information on ratings on the BRFC website.

Getting it right. Our double glazing Lancashire professionals want you to get the quality windows that you deserve. Saving money and advising you on the best energy efficient windows are just part of the customer focussed services we provide.

Double Glazing Lancashire