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Plumbers Blackpool

Plumbing is one of those services that householders often take for granted. When working smoothly, it goes unnoticed, quietly doing its job; perhaps only heard at night when the rest of the house is quiet. And yet it is an essential part of the house’s infrastructure, responsible for supplying clean water and disposing of waterborne waste.

When thinking of the type of emergencies dealt with by plumbers, Blackpool residents will be well aware of the consequences of frozen pipes. Average temperatures of between 2 – 5 degrees Celsius from December to February can all too often lead to frozen pipes. If this should happen, the advice from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is to turn off the mains water supply at the stop valve inside your home.  The pipes in some properties run from storage cisterns and if this is the case, the pipes should be checked to make sure they have not split. If the pipe has split, householders should empty the cold water storage cistern by opening the cold water taps and flushing the WC. At this point an emergency call should be put in to the plumbers. Blackpool householders are also advised to turn off any heat sources, to prevent any possibility of an explosion. The Institute also recommends thawing out pipes slowly, in case there are any splits that went unnoticed before and may cause a heavy flow of water. It is also best to thaw the pipe from the part nearest the tap and never to use a naked flame when thawing. Hot water bottles act as a useful tool for thawing.  It is also possible to use an electric hairdryer, but householders must be certain that there are no splits in the pipe, as water and electricity are dangerous combination.

When there is a need to call on the services of plumbers, Blackpool residents are advised to seek a qualified individual, which can be done by consulting the Institute’s register of plumbers. Blackpool based professionals can be found by entering the relevant postcode here or by calling the Institute on 01708 472 791. The CIPHE has a membership of around 10,000 and there are approximately 50 active local branches in Britain. Householders can have peace of mind from knowing that registered professionals are suitably qualified and undertake continuous professional development and have appropriate practical experience in the following areas:

•             Hot and cold water supply pipework
•             Discharge pipework and drainage
•             Sanitary appliances

When searching for plumbers, Blackpool residents can also check the Blackpool Council’s Safe and Secure Directory Scheme, which is designed to provide guidance to consumers when employing tradespersons for home maintenance purposes. Traders in the directory have been vetted by Trading Standards and the Police and have agreed to adhere to a Code of Practice, which includes treating consumers fairly and honouring Statutory Rights. Further information can be found here or by calling 01253 478 375.

The consequences of engaging a plumber who turns out to be a ‘rogue’ can be serious, not least in financial terms. Back in August 2011, The Guardian newspaper reported on an emergency plumber who charged a pensioner the considerable sum of £2,880 per hour for emergency work to clear his drains, resulting in a total bill for £14,400. The actual rate should have been approximately £145 plus VAT.  In the event that there is a need to make a complaint about tradespeople such as plumbers, Blackpool residents can contact Consumer Direct, which is part of the Office of Fair Trading.

Plumbers Blackpool